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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

DX Sales is the main sales module. It allows you to store, analyse and report on all newspaper sales, fed into from DX Newsagents and DX Direct. It also features a built-in facility for managing postal subscriptions and miscellaneous other sales.

Features of this module include:

  • Multiple newspaper titles and editions
  • Print Order
  • Sales reports for volume and revenue
  • Sales summaries and ABC records
  • 15 sales categories such as Newsagent, Direct, Free, Office copies, Promotion
  • Interactive enquiry into sales figures by title, edition, category and postcode
  • Copy figures to a spreadsheet for further analysis
  • Postcode analysis, present and historical
  • ABC breakdown of promotional copies
  • Historical and running total figures
  • Comparisons with last year's figures
  • Postal subscriptions records, current and past
  • Voucher copies
  • Multiple subscriptions
  • Subscription wrappers
  • Expiries lists and renewal letters
  • Integrates with the other Direct xpress module
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