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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

DX Leaflets is a flexible leaflet booking system, used in conjunction with DX Frees. It includes invoicing.

Features of this module include:

  • Distribute leaflets with any number of titles and editions, or 'Solus'
  • Leaflet targeting geographically by post code or by town and district
  • Leaflet targeting demographically by property classification or other customised systems
  • Any combination of geographical, demographical and publication variables
  • Flexible on-screen booking of leaflets, allowing a 'what if' approach
  • Automatic calculation of leaflet weight
  • Client database allowing repeat orders
  • Leaflet stock room charts to keep track of leaflets received, dispatched, or kept in stock
  • Drivers' delivery lists showing numbers of leaflets to be delivered to each area supervisor
  • Summaries for area supervisors showing round quantities
  • Automatic letters of confirmation for leaflet bookings
  • Invoice print-run can be linked to accounts systems
  • Agency commissions at variable rates
  • Leaflet volumes and revenue reporting week by week and period totals
  • Summary of business from leaflet agencies
  • Leaflet categories used to avoid conflicting bookings
  • 'Electronic' transfer of leaflet orders between sites
  • Enquiry function summarises leaflets booked in each postcode sector in a given week
  • Wage run for leaflet distribution via DX Personnel module
  • Integrates with the other Direct xpress module
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