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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

DX Personnel stores details of distributors and supervisors involved in distribution of free newspapers, leaflets and direct-delivered paid-for newspapers. A flexible wage run is included.

Features of this module include:

  • Store personnel details for distributors, area supervisors, transport drivers and distribution checkers
  • Link distributors to the rounds they are delivering
  • Start and stop dates for employment and a 'reserve' facility
  • Meet local authority requirements in terms of recording junior distributors' school and holiday details
  • Wage run for distributors and area supervisors
  • Run wages weekly, monthly or at any desired frequency
  • Past wage slips are stored and can be reprinted
  • Where a distributor covers more than one round, all payments are collated on to one wage slip
  • Extraordinary payments and bonuses can be added as a one-off or regularly
  • Total payments to an employee are recorded and can be examined in any period
  • Accounts for each supervisor area show what the wage spend was for each title and for leaflets
  • Pay rates file allows complete flexibility in terms of newspaper pagination, difficulty of delivery round and employee type
  • Leaflet and 'Solus' pay calculations
  • Coinage breakdown for cash wages
  • Cheque print run
  • Automatic production of labels for area supervisors
  • Integrates with the other Direct xpress modules
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