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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct xpress

* Is the system 'tried and tested'?

Yes. This latest version of the system, DX3000, represents the culmination of twelve years' experience in developing newspaper sales systems for a major regional publisher.

* On what computers does Direct xpress run?

Direct xpress can be installed on a variety of computers, including Windows and Macintosh, for single or multiple users.

* How much does the system cost?

The system is very competitively priced, on the basis of the number of modules and users that you require. Please contact us for a price list.

* What is included in the price?

Our prices for Direct xpress include:

  • installation
  • basic customisation to your requirements
  • initial support on using the system

* What support do you provide?

Support in the initial period is included in the purchase price. Thereafter support can be provided at a level to suit you. We are able to deal with nearly all support queries by telephone or email without the need for a site visit, as we are able to contact the system remotely via the Internet. However, we can also provide on-site assistance when required.

* Can the system be altered for our particular requirements?

Yes. Basic customisation is included in the purchase price. On top of that, we are very happy to quote for additional functionality you may require.

* We are looking to replace an existing system. Can we carry over our data?

Yes, it is usually possible to carry over the data from your old system. This is easiest if your old system has "export" facilities. However, it is often possible even without such facilities

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