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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

DX Newsagents covers all aspects of newspaper sales through newsagents and wholesalers.

Features of this module include:

  • Multiple newspaper titles and editions
  • Standing Orders
  • Temporary Amendments and Returns
  • Box-out or partial box-out
  • Discounts as percentage or pence per copy
  • Sales Representatives and Merchandisers
  • Full order history for each agent can be reviewed on screen
  • Invoice Run, weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Invoice data can be linked to your accounts system
  • Head Office invoices
  • Direct debit facility*
  • Sellout report and percentage unsold report
  • Van routes by round and drop
  • Automatic programming of newspaper stacker
  • Van Packing Summary
  • Van Delivery List
  • Office Copies
  • Insertions
  • Reports and lists
  • Integrates with the other Direct xpress modules

*Direct debit facility requires BACS software - we can advise

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