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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

DX Frees is the main module for managing the distribution of free newspapers and leaflets.

Features of this module include:

  • Multiple newspaper titles and editions
  • Automatic production of round cards and other geographical summaries
  • Print Order adjusted for distributor absence
  • Powerful geographical database allows data to be entered at street level and analysed by postcode or by locality, town and district
  • Bulk drops and refused copies
  • Organise distribution rounds into supervisor areas, with facilities for easy re-organisation by transferring rounds between areas and streets within rounds
  • Alternatively manage distribution on an ad-hoc basis by teams
  • Distribution cost analysis
  • Provision for distributor holidays entered in advance and temporary cover for rounds
  • 60 Demographic codings by property classification, or other customised system
  • Drivers' delivery lists with newspaper bundle calculations based on pagination
  • Distribution complaints management with automatic look-up of distributor details and related incidents
  • Full distribution history at round level on screen, showing scheduled deliveries and any subsequent variations
  • Wage run via DX Personnel module
  • Undelivered copies management linking complaints with VFD records
  • VFD record keeping and production of standard VFD forms
  • Automated VFD checking rota and checking sheets
  • Integrates with the other Direct xpress module
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